From its offices in Colombo, ALMAYUDA supports and provides direct aid to schools near the Sri Lankan capital, central province and in the north of the country by supplying educational material to children, supporting building and repair work, and constructing toilet facilities, etc.

Tima Lazarius

Tima Lazarus

At the instigation of the late Mr. Tima Lazarus, a charismatic Sri Lankan friend, the ALMAYUDA FOUNDATION decided in 2010 to put in place a programme of aid and assistance for a number of schools in the country.

Tima himself established two important guiding principles for this programme:

  • The foundation supports the same schools over the long term, thereby ensuring its action is effective.
  • Schools from all communities – Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslims, etc. – are supported.


Support the same schools over the long term and help all communities.

Tima Lazarus was recognised for his efforts to preserve the island’s biodiversity and as an advocate for the disadvantaged. Sadly, he died in 2015 but his recommendations are still followed and ALMAYUDA continues to engage in long-term action in some 20 schools in Colombo and in the central and northern areas of the country.




The foundation provides regular supplies of school material, such as exercises books, bags and pencils, as well as uniforms and footwear.
ALMAYUDA occasionally finances roof repair works, refurbishes classrooms, renews electrical wiring, etc. The foundation has also had toilets with washbasins constructed for the children.
The overarching aim, of course, is to contribute to improving the educational conditions of young pupils, who are the future of their country.


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