Le jardin de pierres, Bernard Plossu’s mountain and mineral portfolio, illustrated with the words of Elisabeth Foch and published with sponsorship from the ALMAYUDA FOUNDATION.

The valley of Chamonix reminds Bernard Plossu, the author of Le Jardin de poussière, of his father, Albert Plossu, and of his friend Roger Frison-Roche, and also of the drawings by Samivel that he loved as a boy. The photographs of this ‘garden of stones’, almost all of them never published before, date from 1976 but they are timeless and convey ‘the message of the stones’ sent to us by Elisabeth Foch, a great companion to wildlife photographers.


Humankind and stones follow routes that get confused amid the dust.

“Step by step, you gradually discover that slowness is the quickest path to the obvious: by dint of walking on pebbles, you come to understand that humankind and stones follow routes that get confused amid the dust. The dust of truth, not the stuff you wipe away with a feather duster, but the dust that is an inherent part of life. It is part of the journey, of the great cosmic hullabaloo.”


Le Jardin de pierres
Bernard Plossu
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Photographies Bernard Plossu