ALMAYUDA FOUNDATION is a private family foundation that supports projects around the world concerning culture, solidarity and environment.

Almayuda was born from the commitment of a family, whose busy professional life has led to many trips to Africa, Asia, Middle East, South America and elsewhere.

To travel is to meet, and to meet is to share: humanitarian causes, artistic sensibilities or simply outstanding experiences. Out of that came the idea for the foundation, which has gradually paved a way for itself, step by step.

Without any financial support of other than the one provided by its oown founders, the ALMAYUDA FOUNDATION acts today worldwide in the fields of culture, solidarity and environment.

It grows relying whenever it’s necessary on experienced and wellestablished local partners. But its founders are always involved, going on site to assess the impact of each project on its immediate environment.

Their greatest reward comes when they succeed in combining a cultural undertaking with a humanitarian initiative.

This website reflects the diversity and richness of the emotions felt by the founders of Almayuda in their social life and their travels. Emotions that they have transformed into long lasting and reasonable commitments.

The testimony of the founders

« “We have chosen to encourage, animate and get personally involved in the long term and to be as close as possible to projects that affect and motivate us

We hope that all these projects will converge, so that artistic creation and social, humanitarian or environmental actions, by complementing and nourishing themselves, will create moments of happiness, which contribute to making the world more human. Through these meetings, we would like to make the expertise and financial resources provided by the ALMAYUDA FOUNDATION even more effective.»

Our commitments

  • Improve access to education and training for the most disadvantaged populations (children, women, young adults).
  • Support programs in the field of sustainable development and of the preservation of biodiversity.
  • Encourage meetings between artists, or between artists and those who are responsible for development organizations, to create new projects.
  • To support contemporary artistic creation, by forging personalized links with artists and giving them the means, in time, to create and develop their works.
  • Create bridges between cultural projects and social, humanitarian or environmental actions.

Our activity reflects the diversity and search for emotions that we
experience in our social life and our travels.

The Almayuda Foundation is a charity foundation under the supervision of the Swiss Federal Foundation Supervisory Authority (Federal Department of the Interior)